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The Cancer Patient Education Network is a dedicated group of healthcare professionals who share experiences and best practices in all aspects of cancer patient education. Join the CPEN family – we are committed to promoting and providing models of excellence in patient, family, and community education across the continuum of care.

Active Membership
$145.00 for 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019 
(Pro-rated to $72.50 after Jan 1)


To qualify for Active membership status, individuals must be primarily engaged in a cancer-related field or have a vested interest in cancer patient education.

An Active member in good standing shall be entitled to all membership privileges, including the right to vote, be elected to office and chair or serve on a committee or special interest group.

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Non-Practicing Membership
$50 for 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019
(Pro-rated to $25.00 after Jan 1)


To qualify for Nonpracticing membership status, an individual shall have a vested interest in cancer patient education but may not be currently employed in a cancer-related field. This also includes those who are students, retirees, or volunteer staff.

Nonpracticing members shall not vote and shall not be candidates for any election, but shall receive all tangible benefits of membership and may participate in all non-elected committees and special interest groups.

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Please allow two weeks for processing and approval of your application, and access to members-only website content. Please note that CPEN membership runs from 1 July - 30 June. CPEN also offers a prorated membership from 1 January - 30 June. If you would like to wait until 1 January to apply for membership, you will receive membership until 30 June for the prorated amount of $72.50 ($25.00 for non-practicing).

Questions? Contact Headquarters at any time at

CPEN Member Code of Ethics

Adherence to ethical standards is a key criterion in all aspects of cancer patient education and is a requirement for membership in the Cancer Patient Education Network and participation in its activities. 

I, as a member of the Cancer Patient Education Network, shall:

  • Maintain a high level of personal integrity and professional competence;
  • Act always in a manner that reflects creditably upon my profession;
  • Protect confidential information;
  • Disclose potential conflicts of interest;
  • Understand, promote, and implement the laws, regulations, guidelines, and standards applicable to the field of cancer patient education and specifically to my position;
  • Abide by the CPEN Bylaws and any administrative policies designated by the Board of Directors; and
  • Uphold this Code of Ethics in the conduct of my duties and in my professional associations.



Apply by Mail/Fax

If you prefer to pay by check, you may download the hard copy application form.

Download the CPEN Membership Application

Membership Benefits  

CPEN offers multiple benefits to its members, including:
    • Access to a multidisciplinary network of professionals who are actively involved with cancer patient education initiatives locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally
    • Opportunities to network, consult, and partner with other organizations and professionals
    • Access to the CPEN member listserv
    • Participation in all-member roundtable phone calls
    • Publishing, presentation, research, and mentoring or mentorship opportunities
    • Opportunities for leadership and involvement at a national level
    • Reduced registration rate to attend the International Cancer Education Conference  
    • Reduced rates on materials in the CPEN store
    • Reduced subscription rate of $65 to the Journal of Cancer Education
    • Reduced subscription rate to Health Literacy Advisor (HLA), a plug-in for Microsoft Word that helps communicators evaluate, standardize, and produce clear health information
    • Members-only access to resources and documents on the CPEN web site, such as: