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CPEN is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. No goods or services were or will be exchanged for this special contribution. CPEN uses contributions to sustain its daily operations and develop professional educational programs in cancer patient education.

CPEN Membership Publications

CPEN Members have access to quarterly CPEN Newsletter and a variety of resources for Cancer Patient Educators such as:

  • Resources to Help with Creating Patient Education Programs and Materials
    • Guidelines for Establishing Comprehensive Cancer Patient Education Services
    • Patient Ed Program Self-Assessment Tool
    • Creating and Managing a Cancer Learning Resource Center
    • Theory at a Glance: A Guide for Health Promotion Practice
    • Clear and Simple: Developing Effective Print Materials for Low-Literate Readers
    • Pink Book -- Making Health Communication Programs Work
  • Resource Sheets for CPEN Members
  • Essential Links for Patient Education and Cancer Information
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Resources
  • CancerCare Teleconferences
  • Learning Resource Center Resources
    • Cancer Survivor Day Event Planning Guidelines
    • Manual: Creating and Managing a Cancer Learning Resource Center
    • CPEN Learning Resource Center Volunteer Training Guide
    • Survey of Library Automation Software
  • Staff Development Issues and Resources
    • Competencies for Cancer Patient Educators
    • Survey Tool of Cancer Patient Educator Competencies
    • Report on the July 2000 Staff Development Survey of CPEN Members
  • Surveys of Patient Ed Services and Products

CPEN Members also have access to the following Evidence-Based Practice Resources:

  • Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Defined
  • Research Process
    • Biostatistics Modules
    • Ethics Online Modules
    • Outcome Measures
  • Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Process
    • Writing for Publication
    • EBP Books and Search Tools
    • Clinical Practice Guidelines
    • Pre-processed Databases
    • Unprocessed Databases
  • Resources by Topic
    • Health Literacy
    • Informed Decision Making
    • Patient Education
    • Patient Safety
    • Survivorship
  • EBP/Research PowerPoint Presentations
    • Applying Evidence in Patient Education
    • Integrating Evidence-based Practice into Cancer Patient Education
  • Member Publications
  • 2007 Research Committee Survey Results