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CPEN is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. No goods or services were or will be exchanged for this special contribution. CPEN uses contributions to sustain its daily operations and develop professional educational programs in cancer patient education.

CPEN Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Policies

Policies apply to all career opportunities and website banner advertisements placed with CPEN.

CPEN does not have any control over the non-discrimination practices of advertisers. Please contact the advertisers directly for information on their hiring practices. Some companies include this information in their ads.

CPEN only accepts ads that it deems to be relevant to cancer patient education. CPEN may refuse to post ads from advertisers with an unpaid account balance.

Fee Payment

All advertising rates are NET.  There is no discount for advertising agencies.  There is no discount for non-profit organizations.

CPEN Members will be given a 20% discount on advertising fees.  To receive the discount, members must have paid dues for the current membership year before placing an ad.  If a recent member has not paid dues at the time of placing an ad, that person will be charged the full ad fee without a discount.

Remittance must be made in US Dollars (US$).  If you are with an advertising agency or are a recruiter, please pay in advance by Visa, Master Card or American Express.  For other advertisers, the fee may be invoiced, but payment by credit card is prferred.  If invoiced, payment is due within 30 days of ad publication/posting.  CPEN reserves the right at any time to request payment by credit card in advance of ad publication.  A $25.00 surcharge may be assessed to cover any collection fees.

Ad Submission Guidelines

All ads must conform exactly to the dimensions listed with the rates.  CPEN may make efforts to correct ads deemed inaccurate (additional fee will be incurred). However, CPEN is not liable for advertisements published from faulty ad materials.

The following must be submitted by the relevant submission deadline listed for each publication:

  • Completed ad and contact information in the e-mail message that appears when ad placement link is clicked;
  • Ad in electronic format (PC or Macintosh), created according to individual ad guidelines, via e-mail (preferred), or saved on CD and sent to Erin Irtenkauf (surface address available on Contact page);
  • Conformity to file fomat, including any pixel dimensions specified for each ad type;
  • All fonts embedded in PDF files, including common fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial;
  • All fonts used in creation of layered image files;
  • Hard copy of ad faxed to +1 434.977.1856, attn: Marilla Owens;
  • Conformity to all other specifications indicated for each ad type.